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Blocking depression with silver linings

August 30. Shocking how life can change in an instant right. I mean nothing super earth shattering but I have the Virus.

My daughters and I all tested positive for Covid and are quarantined in our spaces to protect my son and husband. As of now the girls have bad cold symptoms and headaches, no fever. And I have what seem to be quite mild cold symptoms.

Which we are all very very grateful for.

So very odd how a sickness can affect people so differently. Right now we are doing all the things we can to take care of our bodies and just praying it stays mild and moves through quickly.

The quarantine is hard though. I would imagine many of you have been in this situation for one reason on another. And sadly the girls are due to start school on Wednesday. They will be missing the first two days of school which pardon my language, really sucks.

I choose to view this as another way to build the resilience muscle.

Looking for the silver linings like the girls only have to miss two days of school. I can still see my clients online so they don’t have to miss anything. There is space in our home for us to quarantine away from DH and DS.

The opposite feels to dark and heavy. Depressing. Those moments come sometimes but feeling the pain is important for growth. Not staying in it is the resilience.

Knowing that even in hard times no matter what, life goes on and we can be ok.

How would you spend ten days locked in your basement? Netflix recommendations anyone?



P.S. We all survived and now I look back and can't believe we made it through.


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