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We Can Start Over At Any Time

September 1. The turn of the month always astounds me because usually I can remember the first day of the last month like it was yesterday. And these days the pages are flying it seems.

September conjures up so many thoughts and memories. The coming of fall and changing leaves, the smell of pumpkin spice and a new school year. Feels like a major transition, because it is. And here we are.

I am starting day 11 for the third time in the #75HardChallenge. I haven’t been counting closely this time, just doing the daily tasks and entering them in the app because I don’t want to be constantly reminded that I started this journey on July 13, that was 49 days ago.

Sends a dagger right to the heart. But for the grace of God go I as I carry on. And frankly its not a bad thing to be this healthy!

My strength is taking a bit of a hit due to being sick but I am continuing to walk twice a day. That’s about what I can muster although this afternoon the hurricane is rolling in so maybe yoga. I like the discipline and structure this program provides. I

Those were two things lacking in my life the last couple years.

Maybe you can relate to that yourself? Have you ever been trying to stay on a certain path and just kept landing in the ditch? Maybe it was active addiction with lots of relapse maybe it was a health issue you let go or a relationship you didn’t nurture.

I think most of us can point to something in our lives where this has been the case at some point. But the blessing of this life is we can restart. Just like me with the 75 Hard.

We can just start over.

Its humbling actually, reminds us that we are only human, we make mistakes and in fact we are no better than anyone else.

One thing that really helps when working towards making a change is breaking it down into smaller pieces. You have probably heard me say that before.

Think of the long range goal and then reel it all the way in to today working backwards to make stops along the way with things you will need to achieve it.

When you get to today it will be such a small shift it feels very manageable to do. Like drinking a gallon of water a day, or committing to moving your body for at least 20 minutes a day. Or free form writing.

Whatever it is when we work backwards from the long range  goal to get to what we can do today, it almost certainly feels like you can.

So maybe today is your day to go out and buy a new pair of running shoes and a cute outfit, tomorrow go for that one mile jog. Whatever your small goals are write them down to hold yourself accountable and then check them off each day so you can celebrate  your small wins.




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