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Forget The Feelings And Just Do It

Uncategorized Sep 03, 2021

August 11th. This week will prove to be another big challenge for maintaining the 75 Hard Challenge. Because we are on vacation. Well if traveling with six teenagers equals vacation that is.

So far so good but yesterday we went white water rafting and will be gone for several hours. Turns out that was a really intense workout for much longer than 45 minutes. It counts!

One great thing about this challenge for me is the reminder of resilience. There is so much we CAN do as human beings and so often we get side tracked because of our feelings. We allow the feeling of exhaustion, frustration, anger or sadness to take over and prevent us from doing certain things.

The key is, forget the feelings and just do it. When you wake up and your mind says hit the snooze button, don’t waste a seconds time, turn that alarm off and get up. When you are exhausted after work but you said you were going to the gym, don’t think about it just drive your car there.

Because in the words of Mel Robbins, no one’s coming. No one is coming to encourage you to do that workout. No one is going to be there to help you speak up at work with an idea you have been holding tight for months.

No one is coming to tell you how to apologize to your partner and begin the process of healing. It’s up to you to parent yourself.

So you know what, I can get two 45 minute workouts in even on a vacation with ever changing plans. Yup, I sure can. I can make sure I hold to the integrity of the challenge by thinking things through the night before, making a loose plan and then getting busy.

This morning I was tired after the hours of white water rafting yesterday, so I enjoyed 45 minutes of Yoga With Adrienne and it was awesome. I thought our afternoon was going to take us out for most of the day, so I got my power walk in (3 hours after the first workout) before those plans.

I can tell you right now after enjoying some slower mornings, I am not going to “feel” like getting up a bit earlier to workout tomorrow before we head home.  But I know I’m going to do it anyway.




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