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When You Don't Feel Like Making Lemomade

July 30. Sometimes when life sends you lemons you just don’t want to make lemonade. You know what I mean.

I’m the queen of personal development. I love podcasts, inspirational messages, business strategy books, complementary medicines but I have to say I am #tired.

I know these are just feelings and feelings aren't facts that is for sure. But dang its not only exhausting it downright annoying. And then sprinkle on a little hormones and boom, you a decadent recipe for internal destruction.

I am being a little dramatic I know but honestly, sometimes it really feels like this. The pressure of the world or your spouse or the kids or your job isn’t the comfort we hear about from the weighted blankets.

Exactly the opposite in fact. I feel like I am spinning. And at the same time trying to grab ahold of the things that need to get done, the people I want to connect with, the work I have to complete.

One thing I know for sure, I am responsible for putting the spoke in that wheel. I am the maker of my own life and decisions. And even when I think I don’t have a choice, oh girl that’s the biggest lie I tell myself. We ALL have choices, we just don’t often like the options.

We want to special order and have it our way.

Today I am grateful for choices. No matter how many “feelings” I have throughout the day, I know that I can control my actions. I can take control of my thoughts, and put myself into action.

The results might not be my preferences, or the actions of other people might be hurtful but I know I will have done my best. I will have set one foot in front of the other to make a change. To move forward.

Here’s to trudging the road ladies, one decision at a time.




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