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The Subtle Difference Between Equality And Unity

August 16th. The difference between unity and equality are subtle but important. In our modern times it seems the call for equality has become the loudest voice heard. The catalyst for change, for understanding and cancel culture.

Equality denotes acceptance or exclusion of someone or something based on specific qualities.

Unity however, is parts that make up a whole. A coming together of all the people and things to include our differences. A blending of diversity of thought, color, spiritual beliefs, upbringing and purpose.

Unity says:

Together we were made as humans.

Together we were blessed.

Together we multiply and fill the earth.

Together we stand

It feels much different to live in this way, inclusive, expansive and the opportunities are great to learn from each other. When we all our difference to be a blessing, when we welcome diversity in every way, we expand the capacity of humanity.

The walls around prejudice, assumptions and hate get broken down, often with a simple conversation.

I believe our society needs more of this. More love, acceptance and listening to learn rather than to respond. Have we ever had that? Are the ways we see now, truly the way life has always been and we didn’t realize or are we regressing in the name of equality?

The answers are definitely above my pay grade, but for me it feels we have moved away from unity with each passing year, administration change, public health crisis and humanitarian issue.

The political nature of the current narrative muddies the waters for most of humanity, forcing otherwise tolerant and grateful people to pick sides.

This reality turns its nose up at the possibility, at any hope of building unity in our modern culture. It just doesn’t allow for it. The undercurrent has separated and driven a wedge in countless relationships, within entire professions and even our entertainment.

It feels like being caught in rip tide, tossing and turning trying to come to the surface, paddling constantly to avoid being held under water, losing your breath.

I don’t know about anyone else but it’s exhausting.

What if the easier softer way truly is compassion, kindness, listening, love. What if we put our own egos to the side, our own natural judgements and just listened to other people?

Just because you listen to someone doesn’t mean you have to adopt their views, or change your life. Not at all.

But, you might just understand a bit more about someone who is different than you.

I don’t understand the threat in that. Let’s give unity a try.




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