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The Sun Always Rises

August 2. One of the best things about life is that the sun sets each day and then rises again in the morning. It rises with the promise of a new day, a fresh start, the life force energy that it provides and warmth.

No matter what is going on in life you can count on that. You know it will happen and the opportunity is there to be different, renewed.

It’s not magic. The sun of tomorrow doesn’t take away our problems.

Of course not but it provides hope. It reminds us of the passing of time, that this too shall pass.  That transitions will come whether we like them or not, seasons change, relationships end, people get sober, some don’t. We can’t stop it no matter what we do.

Sometimes I imagine I am a dam holding back the entire force of nature that is the water behind me, the change that is coming. In my mind it works.

I can see this huge barrier and me standing there up against it, with the confidence of a super hero. Holding strong, pushing back actually.

But that’s not reality is it. Nope. We can’t stop time, we can’t go back and we can’t prevent the transitions in life. All we can do is focus on our part. What can we do in this situation.

What can we do to feel all the feelings, the deep pain and sorrow that comes and sit in it without taking a drink or drug.

That is the ultimate task right.

We can do it because of the sun. Because of the promise of its rising and falling each day giving us hope, new life and the courage to get up and keep going.

We don’t know what this day will bring. We can make all the plans we want and we can even turn it all over to the care of our higher power, but who knows. Not us.

The water in fact will flow over and through the dam. The time comes when the pressure is too much and it will start to slowly trickle out or sometimes break through with a huge release. Whatever happens, time does turn, the water will flow. And our feelings will change.

We can’t always control our feelings, but we can control our actions. Remembering that most things in life are challenging and we often won’t feel like doing them is really important. 

But we don’t have to feel like it we just have to do it.  We have to get up when the alarm goes off, make clean food, talk to our people, be gentle with ourselves, pursue the promotion, go back to school, end unhealthy relationships, move our bodies.

We are never going to feel like it. But we have to do it anyway. What’s one thing you can do today to move toward your goal?

Today, I will be consciously aware of my feelings, acknowledge and allow them and ask myself “What is going on right now?” and then carry on like the warrior I am.




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