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When You Feel Yourself Coming Back

August 3rd. You will never believe this! Last night I went for a jog and I lasted the entire forty five minutes. It is still very slow but I jogged for forty five minutes!  I even shocked myself. I am starting to come back.

Today I reminded myself never to ever let myself go that far down again because it takes way to much effort and energy to come back.  If you just maintain relative fitness and health you don’t have to make these dramatic changes.

Have you ever seen someone have a lightbulb moment? Maybe a friend or someone you were working with. You are talking to them and you can just tell from their eyes, they are getting it.

There is a glimmer of hope, a change.

As a therapist I have the pleasure of experiencing it a lot actually, just nature of the job. And today was one of those days. I was working with a client and I could just tell the confidence was growing right before my eyes throughout the session.

We were building on something we discussed last week but this time she was the one with the insight. She could see where the path was leading her and which fork she needed to take.

It wasn’t an easy path.

And the people along it would have a tremendous amount of feelings but boy did she know the way. She lit up like a Christmas tree as she recalled incidents that were painting the picture of change. And she discovered sometimes doing the best thing for you doesn’t feel like it at the time. But honoring yourself enough to step into you power is always the right thing.

I love my job.

Sometimes not so much like when it’s a really tough day and then the teenage girls are going at it so hard you have to spend a couple hours managing their difficult emotions. #parentingwellishard.

It’s not easy to discern what the best thing for us is all the time. In fact this take a lot of practice and the patience of a homing pigeon.

The rewards are worth it though. When you are able to trust yourself enough to know you can make good choices for yourself you have stepped into real freedom.

Here’s to making the best decisions for yourself.




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