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It Isn't A Straight Line From A to B

August 1. Our journey through change is ever winding. And the emotional ups and downs I experience throughout that are sometimes so overwhelming the only thing I can think to do is take a nap.

The flood of cortisol that comes from a marital issue, or the needs of a teenager or job stress make me feel like I am drowning.

I am coming to believe this never ends. Although my parents might say differently as they are living their best life in retirement. But even they have challenges that create a similar cycle, I don’t think it is as extreme.

Managing those emotions takes a great deal of intention.

I am thankful today I can break the downward spiral by using tools like breath work, essential oils, exercise, tapping, etc. whenever those feelings start to bubble up.

Of course, the sooner we insert them the better and that’s what I did a lot of this week. Also reminding myself I can’t control anyone else or change them, only myself, (breathe, butterfly hug, oil up, breathe).

Its been eighteen days since I started this crazy journey using the 75 Hard Challenge as my guide. It is for sure a mental challenge but, also very much a physical one.

In that time I have lost nine pounds, I haven’t had a bite of dairy, white flour or sugar and I am getting back in good physical shape (despite some pains).

The mental clarity that comes rather quickly within making changes in my diet is almost shocking. But I am grateful for it.

I get these power moments now when I actually have the urge to get things done that I normally avoid like the plague. It is nice to feel like I am in control of myself again. Looking forward to more of that to come.

What are the tools you use to manage stormy emotions or stress?




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